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Professional photographing!

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Professional photographing!

Not so handy with your iPhone camera yet? Too bad! Over here you can read about how the book 'Professional photographing with the iPhone' could help you!


The book 'Professional photographing with the iPhone' from Visual Steps tells you exactly how the Camera app on your iPhone works. The book contains various topics such as; an explanation about the Camera app, how to take photos and the various options of the iPhone, how to organize, display and share your photos, how to edit your photos with the app Photos or with Adobe Lightroom and how to make, edit and share videos.

The book

Get started with the guide and create the most professional photos you've ever taken with an iPhone. Trough the constant innovations of Apple and the integrated camera, your iPhone delivers photos of a very high quality. This is why the iPhone is used by many people to take photos, even by photographers from all over the world.

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