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NEW! Shokz OpenRun Pro

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NEW! Shokz OpenRun Pro

After some patience, the time has finally come! Shokz is launching the OpenRun Pro. The most premium, advanced open-ear bone conduction headphones ever!

Shokz launched the latest open-ear bone conduction this week! The OpenRun Pro, is the most premium advanced headphones ever. This new open-ear bone conduction includes enhanced bass, and 10-hour battery life. Also, the OpenRun Pro features a 5 minute quick charge feature.

Meet OpenRun Pro
The OpenRun Pro incorporates the latest 9th generation bone conduction technology (Shokz TurboPitch™ technology) and features a new design. The OpenRun Pro is as comfortable as the older models from Shokz. The titanium frame makes most intense efforts no problem and the OpenRun Pro stays firmly in place.

Comfort with open-ear
OpenRun Pro is 20% smaller than its previous models, providing a better fit than ever. The new model from Shokz is 29 grams, you almost forget you have it on. The best listening experience with Shokz, a beautiful sound and safety because the ambient sounds are still clearly audible. 

 Improved bass
Shokz its new model features two additional bass amplifiers. TurboPitch™ technology also provides the best sound quality for bone conduction headsets ever. The OpenRun Pro allows you to hear every note, beat and melody while exercising.

Longer battery life 
A long endurance training is no problem for the OpenRun Pro with its battery life of up to 10 hours. Also with the new quick charge function of 5 minutes you are assured of one and a half hours of music or call pleasure. The noice-cancelling technology in the two microphones means your voice can be heard clearly while calling. Also, the OpenRun Pro is IP55 dust and and water resistant against sweat, splashing water and raindrops. 

The Shokz OpenRun Pro are available in 4 colors: Beige, Black, Salmon and Light blue. 

Read reviews about the OpenRun Pro here :

"The Pro promises a slimmer design, bigger sound and battery life along with a quicker faast charge mode than the OpenRun is capable of."

"The OpenRun Pro weighs just about an ounce. Sometimes I'd forget I was still wearing them long after I finished a workout."

"The Shokz OpenRun Pro have a good build quality. They're mostly mad of a silicone material and have a sturdy, solid design, so they should survive a couple of accidental drops without takig too much damage."



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