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3 advantages of Bone Conduction!

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3 advantages of Bone Conduction!

All of the AfterShokz headphones contain the patented Bone Conduction technology. But what exactly are the actual benefits of this technology?

There are many different types of headphones on the market. However, the AfterShokz headphones contain the patented Bone Conduction technology. This technology works slightly different than normal headphones, as the vibrations are not transmitted through your eardrum but through your cheekbones. In this news article you read all about the advantages of this technology!

1. Aware of your surroundings
Because the AfterShokz headphones rest on your cheekbones, your ears are completely free from sounds. This way you can hear everything that is happening around you. When you are running, cycling or walking you do not have to worry about not hearing the traffic around you. In addition, it can also be useful while working. Listening to music and talking to your colleagues at the same time, what more could you want?

2. Comfortable fit
Have you ever had problems with earbuds that fell out of your ears? Or pain in your ears after listening to music for a while? Are the wires of your earbuds in a big knot? Let's face it. Sometimes not all headphones are as comfortable as you would like. With the headphones from AfterShokz you will not have to worry about that anymore! They cannot fall out of your ears because they rest on your cheekbones. For many people, the Bone Conduction technology makes the headphones a lot more comfortable.

3. Unique listening experience
Bone Conduction headphones allow you to listen to music while still hearing all your surroundings. It is a unique listening experience that cannot be compared to that of normal headphones. Are you ready for Bone Conduction?



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