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Smanie makes eco-friendly bicycle saddles designed in Columbus, OH. Smanie develops the highest quality saddles in collaboration with world-class athletes. In addition to testing the saddles on the most challenging tracks and race situations, the saddles are extensively tested in the laboratory and fit studio. Smanie saddles are made for everyone and are designed so that all you have to do is concentrate on the road, the riders around you or just enjoy the surroundings.

Smanie has a tremendous passion for all things two-wheeled. It is through this passion that we strive to design innovative, high-quality, eco-friendly saddles that put the rider's passion first. As experienced cyclists, we know better than anyone else that the most important feature of a saddle is that you forget about it while riding. Only then can you optimally concentrate on the road or trail in front of you and optimally enjoy surroundings. Smanie saddles are environmentally friendly and designed in Columbus, OH.

Smanie saddles sometimes have 2 the same saddles but these then differ in weight and in price this is because they are different anyway. The main difference between the two saddles is the use of the chromoly rail, which is much lighter than the steel rail, and also the padding material. The steel rail or sports saddles use PU foam and the chromoly rail saddles use EVA foam. EVA is much lighter than PU and provides more comfort during longer rides because the foam can withstand extreme deformation after 3 hours, whereas PU then begins to deform much more.

Explorer (EX)

The Explorer is designed to do one thing above all else, and that is give you the ability to ride your bike to places you never thought possible. The Explorer has ample padding that can tame the hard gravel roads as well as the cobbles and potholes of the city. It's designed with a cutout to prevent numbness during multi-day epic bikepacking trips and has been tested on such legendary routes as the Oregon Outback and the Allegheny Mountains Loop. Best of all, the price is not too high and the weight is the same as comparable saddles with Chromoly rails.

View Explorer (EX) saddles here


Slim and aerodynamic - the DRS saddle is designed for riders with an aggressive riding style who prefer a more curved geometry at the edges of the saddle. It is for those who always go to the limit in the breakaway and demand that their equipment perform at the same level. If you like an aggressive riding position, but like saddles that allow extra pedaling efficiency due to the curved edges, this is the saddle for you!

View the DRS saddles here

All-Terrain (AT) 

Does riding endless miles of single track or gravel roads sound like the best day on the bike? This short, off-road specific saddle has just enough padding and base flex to make this a go-to choice for your enduro bike, gravel bike or even your cross country bike. It has first-touch softness, but won't cause hot spots on long rides. If you like an average seating position, this saddle is for you.

View all-terrain saddles here


Designed to be lightweight, efficient and out of your mind while riding. The GP uses a classic race-inspired design with contoured wings that run away from the leg for full freedom of movement.

The GP has Eco friendly and lightweight padding for both comfort and support. The saddle has just the right nose width to allow you to move up during those tough climbs. These specifications make the GP Series saddles the clear choice for race day, designed to help you reach even your highest goals and push your inner limits beyond what you thought possible.

View the GP saddles here


Designed for lasting comfort. Whether you're riding a classic tour, a Gran Fondo or a multi-day stage race on the road or in the mountains, the GT Series is ready to support you. The slightly curved profile allows you to position yourself to get the most out of your effort. Using strategically placed Eco lightweight padding, the center channel for improved circulation and beautifully shaped wings, the GT Series saddle will inspire you to go beyond the finish line of your next goal.

View the GT saddles here


The Apex is designed for riders with an aggressive riding style. It is for those who are just as comfortable in a criterium race as they are on the steep hills on their XC or trail bike. If you like an aggressive riding position, this saddle is for you! The use of ETPU + Gel padding means the Apex is ideal for long days in the saddle. The Apex has a short nose designed to keep the rider in the sweet spot and eliminates the need to change position on the saddle.

View the Apex saddles here

Handlebar Tape 

Smanie Elite handlebar tape is 3 mm thick. It is designed to absorb gravel and vibration from the toughest roads for ultimate comfort. It's super sticky, so rain or mud won't make your handlebars slippery, and it's ultra-durable, so if you're shredding it won't tear the first time you hit the deck. Also, you don't have to stretch the tape to the last inch, because Smanie Elite handlebar tape is among the longest on the market.

View the Handlebar Tape here

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